What I did wrong: my skin story.

WHAT HAPPENED -my skin story-

I actually had no skin problems when I was a teenager, it was not until my twenties that I came across the beast that is acne for the first time. Sure, I was used to the strange breakup here and there, but it was not until my face burst into a rosacea acne and the super hybrid acne agminata that really knew what the skin problems were all about.

He was a qualified Naturopath at the time, so I thought he was doing everything right, most of the time. Now that I know what I know, I realize I was doing all the wrong things.

1. My diet was overloaded with grains.

Breakfast for me was a sweet granola with yogurt (helium sugar and dairy products, the two main acne triggers in the diet), snacks were rice crackers (hello nutritionally devoid of carbohydrates). Lunch often incorporated some brown rice (more grains) and at least once or twice a week I was writing pasta for dinner. GRAIN CITY!

At that time, I did not understand the impact that cereals could have on my health and my skin, I was eating what I thought was a “naturopathic” diet of whole foods, quite healthy, not knowing what I was doing with my blood sugar .

The insulin that increases the consumption of carbohydrates activated the sebaceous glands of my skin to produce more sticky and oily liquid known as sebum. The same as the propionibacterium acnes bacteria feed! Hello swollen, infected skin: /

2. I was consuming concentrated dairy products

When I was looking for a quick snack I could have at my desk at work, I would go for a whey protein shake with soy milk. The red flag multiplied by two.

Serum protein concentrates on Igf-1, the unpleasant growth factor that contributes greatly to acne by stimulating cellular turnover of the skin, leading to congestion. And soy, known to play with estrogen metabolism, was a poor choice for this dominant girl in estrogen. It’s not an ideal combo!

3. Was wearing incorrect makeup and skin care.

I thought that because the makeup I was wearing was “natural”, it could not aggravate my acne. It turns out that it was filled with highly occlusive mineral bismuth oxychloride, disguised as a “mineral” which we assume is a natural and harmless ingredient to put on our skin, clogs pores and can lead to inflammatory skin problems in some people )

The same thing happened with the natural skin care I was using. It had some excellent nutritional properties, such as rose oil and shea butter, but those rich oils were too congestive to my acne skin.

4. I was 20 years old and had fun.

I was a qualified naturopath when I had acne, so health was always important to me, but as with most 20-year-olds, my priority at the time in my life was to have fun with my peers. As much as it hurt to cover my makeup to hide as I prepared to spend the night, I really did not understand the concept of how my weekend lifestyle affected my skin.

Not going to bed until the birds sang, drank too much and made poor choices about “weekend diets,” everything was affecting my skin (not to mention my health!).

5. I tried to treat myself.

As any health professional will tell you, trying to treat yourself is overwhelming and it can be difficult to be subjective, even with all the knowledge of the world.

The trial and error with natural medicines, skin care and makeup was exhausting (but a great research in hindsight!) I needed some subjectivity from other health professionals and needed to understand much more deeply, the causes and triggers of my acne.

I sought the advice of a variety of different professionals: doctor, dermatologist, naturopath, beautician. By not seeing significant results, I realized that there was a huge gap in the healthcare industry for professionals who treat acne from the inside out and successfully and naturally solve it without severe medications or skin care ingredients . And so began my research project using me as the guinea pig and now I have been acne free for 6 years.

Acne can be a destroyer of self-esteem. If then, I knew what now, I know, I’m not so sure I’m where I am today. My experience with acne has shaped the way I approach and treat my clients and leads me to my passion. And that’s why I’m grateful.

Brooke x

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