The last hormonal disruptor.

The Ultimate Disrupting Hormone – The Pill And Why It Is Not To Cure Your Acne.

A modern pioneer of women’s liberation, the oral contraceptive pill has given women sexual freedom since the 1960s. Apart from its primary purpose of contraception, the pill is often prescribed to control acne, but it is a solution long-term?

How the pill works essentially, is by increasing a protein in the blood called sex hormone binding hormone (SHBG) SHBG binds to hormones to make them unavailable to the body, thus preventing ovulation and the pregnancy.

In cases of acne, often the way the pill is controlling the outbreaks is by increasing SHBG which reduces available androgen levels, a group of hormones including testosterone which may be responsible for the excessive production of oil in the skin.

The pill can be effective in controlling acne during the course of taking the medication, however, if the causal problems are not addressed, once it leaves the pill the acne is very likely to return, and often with a revenge.

Introduction to the adult acne epidemic. So often seen in women in their 20’s and 30’s they decide to leave the pill as part of a pre-conception plan. This aggravation may be almost immediate in some cases, another 3-12 months after cessation. I see this over and over again in practice, often in clients who have never had a problem with acne before leaving the pill.

The pill is the ultimate hormonal disrupter because it is the ultimate xenoestrogen. Xenoestrogens are a new ball game that only adds fuel to the fire here. Synthetic estrogens (classified as xenoestrogens) found in the pill can get rid of the balance in estrogen metabolism. Being prescribed the pill to treat acne can have a bandaid effect while taking the medication but ultimately the hormone that disrupts effects that the pill may have can lead to more issues once it leaves the pill. A bandaid effect but not a long term solution.

So what should you do if you want to get rid of the pill and balance your hormones for your skin and overall health? The salivary hormone test is a great way to investigate and is a simple noninvasive test that can be done at home.

Saliva is the most accurate way to achieve a broad profile of female, male and stress hormones to understand the root causes of acne and other hormonal problems such as irregular periods, endometriosis and pcos.

A wash period is required – the first bleeding you have after cessation of the pill is bleeding from deprivation. You can take your test on the 21st day of your first true cycle (day 1 is the first day of bleeding). Note that you can not test whether you are taking the pill or any form of hormonal contraception like mirena.

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