Selenium for acne.


Selenium is an antioxidant that is one of the 32 nutrients considered essential for our health. Taken alone, selenium is not likely to cure acne. As a treatment for acne, selenium should work synergistically with zinc and vitamin E. Here’s how selenium helps treat acne:

Selenium in food

In the United States, selenium deficiency is rare, but being a vegan or vegetarian increases the risk. If you do not eat Brazil nuts, eggs and fish, and drink alcohol more than moderately, the deficiency is much more likely.


Signs of selenium deficiency.

hqdefaultYour acne could especially benefit from selenium if you live in a place where oxidative stress on your skin is high, such as exposure to higher levels of air pollution, strong sun and cigarette smoke. Symptoms of moderate selenium deficiency include:

  • ‘Brain fog’
  • ‘Weak skin and hair’
  • ‘Poor fertility’
  • ‘Hypothyroidism’
  • ‘Discoloured fingernails’
  • ‘Acne’

Selenium Supplements for Acne.

Selenium can provide a modest boost to a holistic acne regimen that includes treating the skin topically with the right regimen as well as herbs and supplements. When selenium is taken in combination with other vitamins and herbs for acne, it could be the missing link you need. We recommend the Vitamedica Healthy Skin supplement and in the cases of severe acne, the daily packages of Clear Skin Formula contain a content of 48 mcg of selenium with a better bioavailability as an amino acid chelate.

‘Jessica Gremley’

Jessica has been a medical aesthetist, certified acne specialist and curative dieting trainer since 2003. Like many, she fought against acne and was frustrated with an endless cycle that was cleared and then returned. He decided to find a way to eliminate acne without pharmaceuticals. Today, it offers a complete acne regimen, which combines proven products, natural supplements and lifestyle changes, with a 90% success rate. Her natural acne clinic just outside of Denver, Colorado, and also offers virtual treatment programs for people across the country.

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