My essential travels of beauty for acne prone skin.


In this publication, I am sharing my travel beauty essentials that I have taken with me on my vacation in Sri Lanka. These essentials beauty trips have been selected for their suitability for those with acne prone skin.

I have been to Sri Lanka for a whole week and it is literally the most beautiful country I have ever been to and the food here is on another level. For the first time in years I have been able to completely disconnect from the stress of having a demanding 9-5 job and also run my acne training business during the other hours of the day! Until I stepped on that plane last Monday, I did not realize how much I needed to escape. It has also been incredible for my soul to spend quality girl time with my mom and sister in a unique adventure in life and although I am losing terribly to John and the cats, I would be lying if I said that I wanted to go home now .. !

My travel beauty essentials for acne prone skin | This post looks at the travel beauty essentials I like to pack when travelling abroad. Travel beauty for acne. Holiday skin care for acne prone skin.

Below are some of my favorite makeup and skin care holiday products that I have been using on my trip to Sri Lanka to keep my skin clean, healthy and acne free.

This already appears in my post “essential for acne on vacation” but it is a beauty of travel obligatory, I had to mention it again! If there is something our skin hates, it does not matter if we are greasy, combined or dry, it is long-haul flights! The air in an airplane cabin is drier than a desert with only 10% humidity, which means that when traveling by plane, you should pay special attention to your skin. Flying literally absorbs all the moisture from your skin and when the skin has been stolen from the skin, it responds by producing an excess of oil. It is not good for when we are trying to keep groups at bay.

To keep my skin hydrated and moisturized during my 14-hour flight, I regularly applied my moisturizing mists, hyaluronic acid serum and facial oil to deeply moisturize the layers of my skin. For this trip, I took my mini OSEA Sea Minerals Mist as it comes in a handy travel size of 30 ml.

Buy OSEA Sea Minerals Mist here.

I talked about my body lotion preferred all the time for the body in this publication here, but the sun cream facial can be a little more difficult to correct, as we have a higher concentration of pores, which means that our face is more susceptible to congestion and inflammation. Even more when we are prone to outbreaks! At the end of last year, I discovered the Suntegrity brand, but living in the U.K meant there was no need to take sun cream until May. This summer, I’ve been using Suntegrity facial cream daily, whether it’s just for a day at the beach or below to make up for the daily wear and tear. It is not greasy, it really seats well on the skin and effectively protects the skin from harmful UV rays. They also do a tinted version for those who want some extra coverage.

Buy Suntegrity Sun Facial Lotion here. (UK here)

I do not know about you, but as soon as I get into the sun, my skin starts to come off like crazy, especially on my chest and shoulders! To keep my skin soft, smooth and free of clogs in the pores of dead cells, I love a good sugar scrub (the only time sugar is allowed in my life!). My favorite is Evolve’s tropical body Polish, even the name sounds divine right ?! For me, it’s perfect. It smells like heaven, the packaging is great and it is also really affordable and a basic summer element in my bathroom.

Buy Evolve Body Scrub here.

An essential makeup for anyone who travels to more sunny climates during the summer. A tanner is such a simple addition to your makeup bag and has many uses to help you achieve the perfection of sun-kissed skin. You can use it in your eyes, cheeks, lips, collarbone, shins, shoulders, where you want a soft and subtle glow!

My favorites are Alima Pure Bronzers and English Mineral Make Up ‘Mineral Warmth’ for their quality and amazing choice of tones, but this party I have taken English Mineral Make Up in ‘Golden Warmth’, because I think it is the most versatile shade!

Buy Mineral mineral warmer in English here.

If natural deodorants are not (yet) enthusiastic, then you should introduce yourself to Schmidt’s natural deodorants as soon as possible. They are creamy, moisturizing and free from the unpleasant chemicals found in conventional deodorants. And the smell! Ahhh the smell! The choice of aromas is just to die for. I mean, nothing gets you into the Christmas spirit like your pina colada-smelling wells!

Buy Schmidt coconut and pineapple deodorant here. (US here)

While using my tanner to highlight specific body parts, such as the bones of the collars and shins, it is always nice to have a full shine on the warm nights of vacation. This holiday, I bought with me the Nourish Toning Body Shimmer, as it not only uses incense resin and myrrh to give a subtle golden glow, but also contains super-hydrating hyaluronic acid and tripeptides to keep skin moisture after long flights, swimming in the sea and beach days that can dehydrate our entire skin.


Click here to buy Nourish Toning Body Shimmer.

While marine air, vitamin D and de-stressing can have great benefits on our skin, vacations also mean too many cocktails, late nights and exposure to UV rays, so I needed a serious moisturizer that would not only keep my skin under control , but also keep it well hydrated and nourished without clogging the pores.

Acne-friendly moisturizers are one of the hardest items to find and it is rare for one to meet my high standards when it comes to ingredients. You all know that I am a big fan of OY Cleansing Moisturizer, but this summer I love OSEMA Blemish Balm. It’s the first few days (I’ve been using OY moisturizer for 3 years), but this OSEA beauty could take the lead as my favorite. With acne-fighting ingredients like Thyme and Tea Tree, along with jojoba oil balancing skin, this moisturizer nourishes while effectively fighting outbreaks, a total winner!

Buy OSEA Blemish Balm here.

I mentioned in my previous post that I was fully prepared for Asian bugs thanks to Incognito, but if you still did not know, they also make a lot of body care products that are designed to ward off bugs! I talked to the Incognito guys before I left and they gave me great advice for those of you who actually suffer from bites when they go abroad. Incognito recommends to go as free of perfume as possible and stick only to the aromas of citronella (which insects hate!) Since the sweet, floral and fruity aromas can make you insecure and insect irresistible. It’s not the holiday romance you were after I’m sure!

Buy Incognito Shower Wash here. (US here)

I do not know about you, but it always surprises me with my poor selection of base shadows when I leave. Despite tanning very easily, I never thought of investing in a “summer shade” foundation. Until now! About a month ago, I placed an order with 100% Pure and picked up the Shade Fruit Pigmented Healthy Foundation on Peach Bisque, which is darker than my usual skin tone, but it means I can mix it with my normal base to get the right combination at all times the total duration of my vacations and the few weeks that I come home. Having dealt with acne for so many years and relying on the foundation as my safety blanket, it is good to know that I will not get caught up in this holiday as a ghost with too much suntan.

Buy 100% pure bases here. (UK here)

Other beauty travel favorites I’ve packed include this cleanser, shampoo and conditioner, hair spray with sea salt, bright red lipstick, after sunshine and coconut oil!

What are the essential elements of your travel beauty that you can not live with? Let me know in the comments below and do not forget to check out my Instagram to be aware of everything I get going in Sri Lanka!

Peace, love and fair skin

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