Favorites of the line to only five essential elements.


If you remove your Brea storage lotion, Manhattan Beach masks or Cucumber cleansing lotion in Culver City, it is on Allie’s lawn. As temperatures are nice and warm now, we think Allie would be the perfect subject for our latest installment of # MarioMy5, our blog series in which we ask MB employees to reduce their line favorites to just five essentials .

Here, in MB HQ, Allie is known for her attitude of doing, her ample smile and her irreverent sense of humor. Not to mention that in every frigid winter of the East Coast we find it almost impossible to resist living indirectly through Allie with her surf (literally, she is a surf mom!) And the sun’s lifestyle as we take the snow and treat of not slipping ice.

Here are Allie’s five in her own words:

Alpha Toron Cleansing Lotion: Between traffic and June Gloom here in Los Angeles I need a little bit of shine in my day. One of my favorite MB toners is our Alpha Grapefruit cleansing lotion. I use it morning and night! Illuminates and moisturizes.

Vitamin C Serum: I then use another gem of a rinse aid our INCREDIBLE Vitamin C Serum.

Collagen Moisturizing SPF 15: To complete with a daily use of Collagen Moisturizing SPF 15. It is light, moisturizing and helps to keep the rays of the sun away.

Enzymatic Revitalizing Mask: When my skin is dehydrated a little and lifeless, I bring it back with the so delicious enzymatic revitalizing mask. It adds hydration and the shine I need.

Glycolic Eye Cream: For a nice, fresh look around the “old” eye area, I warm up some of our glycolic eye cream.

#MBSkinTip: a great sleeping eye cream for the side bed. Keeps your eyes hydrated and flexible while spinning.

Botanical Exfoliating Scrub: Last but not least, Botanical Exfoliating Scrub, what can I say? . . super soft, exfoliates enough and keeps the skin moisturized with coconut extract.

Do you and Allie share one of the same favorites?

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