Healthy lifestyle tips for late summer.


When the end of summer comes, it’s hard to imagine what your winter coat swollen and warm fuzzy socks will feel like you’re still trying to pull the sand out of your hair! This is what you need to take advantage of before sun-drenched days slip in the cold autumn months.


Apply sunscreen again

If you’ve gone all summer without sunburn, keep it up! Although your skin probably has some SPF built from the last few months, it is important to re-apply sunblock even though the UV index may not be as strong.


There are not many days out of the year where the perfect balance is just warm enough to exercise outside, but not too hot. Find a gym partner and a sunny place to do lunges, squats and outdoor pushups. Or, skip the treadmill and go for a sunrise exit. The first frost can come sooner than you think!

Eat seasonally

With the end of the berry season, eat as many summer fruits as you can! They are still fresh and full of vitamins and antioxidants that your body longs for. Summer vegetable salads are a refreshing gift that you can only enjoy over the next few weeks!


Like every day of the year, make sure you are getting in your eight glasses of water daily. In the summer, your body sweats and needs more water and electrolytes. Give her what she needs and go into her healthiest fall yet!

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