Back to school? Here’s How to Get Clear Skin.


Or maybe you do not go to school. You may want a regime to be updated because the transition from summer to autumn is causing its complexion to become a cycle. Whatever it is, problem skin deserves a clear start.

This is the definitive guide to skin care with greasy, acne prone skin:


Do not underestimate the power of washing the right face. Facial cleanser for acne is a must for congested or problematic skin: Formulated with salicylic acid to cleanse deep pores and break down the oil and dead cells known to cause breakouts, this daily cleanser leaves the skin completely clean but never tight nor dry.

Did you know? The facial cleanser for acne also contains thyme extract, which has clarifying properties that give the shoots the (botanical) loot.


In fact, toner can be a game changer, especially when you’re looking for something extra to bring your skin care regimen to the next level. Not only are Mario Badescu’s tonics crucial for re-balancing skin after cleansing, they are also specially formulated to provide additional benefits in a single sweep. For fat and congested parts, toning is the step that can really make a difference in how your skin looks and feels.

The special cucumber lotion is the standard choice for problem skin because it offers improved cleaning and cooling, cucumber boost. However, if you experience severe outbreaks, try the “C” special cleansing lotion. This is a powerful lightening astringent formulated with sulfur, cucumber to attack problem areas while removing the oil that clogs the pores and impurities of the skin.

Body buds are also normal, especially during and at the end of summer. After the shower (A.H.A. Botanical Body Soap is the favorite to keep the skin clean and clear), apply a special “O” cleansing lotion on the back and chest. Keep in mind that this is a strong formulation especially designed to use only in those areas, so keep in mind that it should not be used on the face.


Masks are a safe way to help keep your skin in perfect condition and bring some instant gratification to your skin care regimen. Drying mask is very effective at work to clarify problem areas and dry up existing imperfections. To help rehydrate and restore balance on your skin, use the healing and soothing mask the next day.


… because choosing the right brand makes the difference.

One of the most frequently asked questions is which point treatment to use. You can read our complete guide here, but here is a brief overview:

Whiteheads? Use drying lotion. Do not shake the bottle: simply dip a cotton swab directly into the bottle until it reaches the pink sediment and apply directly to the white spots.
Small bumps and pimples? Dry Cream Test. Use clean fingers to mix the product in erupting areas. Less is more with this!
Large, often painful, lumps beneath the surface? Use the tampon lotion. This liquid solution is something that you tremble! Shake the bottle until the white sediment dissolves in the clear liquid, then apply a drop and wipe the fingertip and gently stroke the deep and painful spot.
Experiment with a combination of breakdown types? Do not worry, take our acne repair kit, which includes all three stain treatments.
Another great product to have on hand in your skin care arsenal is the special healing powder. It is a multipurpose super dust that:

  1. Absorbs excess oil and combats unwanted shine.
  2. Helps clarify congested or problematic skin.
  3. Encourage a clearer and healthier complexion.

Simply dust the powder directly onto the skin (including the back and chest) when needed, or mix a small amount into your favorite loose powder to add a skin care item to your makeup.


Customizing your skin care regimen is key to finding the best combination of products that work well for your skin, but if you feel a bit overwhelmed right now, do not worry. Start with the acne control kit, then add more products as you discover what your skin needs (and loves!) On the road.

. . .

Is not prone to acne? This back-to-school skin care guide was made for you.

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