Get your first glimpse of L’Oréal Paris x Balmain Lipstick Shades in Action.

It’s no wonder that L’Oréal Paris vs. Balmain Lipsticks are used behind the scenes at the Balmain’s Spring 2018 show. After being bullied on social networks all summer, the 12 matte lipsticks finally appeared on Barney’s website three days before the show (to pre-order, not to buy), setting the perfect stage for his debut on the track.
Hair and make-up models for the show were decidedly simple this season; If you look quickly, you will think they did not wear makeup. “It is a very natural, healthy and beautiful skin,” said makeup artist Val Garland, who perfected the complexion with L’Oréal Paris True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation, with a flat brush to press it on the face and a more spongy, double brush face of fiber to polish and mix the pigment in the skin. And in addition to a little pomade in the eyebrows, a touch of black mascara on the eyelashes and lipsticks of L’Oréal Paris x Balmain, that was all. But Garland was not breaking the blue or purple tones of the collection. “We are using the lighter end of the range,” he said. “All are beige tones and natural brown.” These tones include Legend and Urban Safari (for light and medium skin tones) and Trust (for darker tones).

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And while Garland used several brushes to apply the base, she only used her finger to put lipsticks on it. “We’re pushing them to make the color feel more natural and like their natural but better lip shade.” By lowering them directly from the tube, these lip pencils lay a rich, matte and very opaque color layer, but it is nice to see that you can also use them as a stain as well.
The hairstyle for the show required just as few products. Using a curler (albeit slightly) and a bit of texturizing spray and hair, Sam McKnight added the slightest twist and movement to the hair of the models. “It’s not the bed and it’s not a beach wave, it’s supposed to look like clean, good, healthy hair,” McKnight explained. “We’re using some texturizer and some lacquer to remove the lint on top.” It is this type of hairstyle that McKnight created his Texturing Spray Cool Girl. “It gives you a bit of texture without completely changing your hair, it still looks like your hair,” he said.
And while we all might have guessed that lipsticks would be used for the show, what was a surprise was the lack of Hadids and Jenners present behind the scenes. Too bad, because they got lost being the first to use the new IRL lipsticks.
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