Facial Toner: A Necessary Part of the Skin Care Routine.


A facial tonic is basically a wash that is designed to clean the skin and reduce the appearance of the pores. I remember when I first bought a toner just because the bottle attracted me and I literally had no idea what a toner really is until I did a little research and found out about its life-saving benefits. It looked so watery to me at first and I could not think in any way what could make this watery thing of color to benefit my skin.

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Facial tonics play an important role in ensuring that you have a healthy and clean facial appearance. Help to

  1. Balance the pH level of your skin. Having a balanced pH level means that your skin is less prone to fat and infection, creating a more vibrant and softer appearance.
  2.  Eliminate environmental toxins (such as smoke, smog, etc.) by making your skin look brighter and healthier, and the long-term benefits may include less acne, acne marks and wrinkles.
  3. Tighten and shrink pores allowing less oils and toxins to settle on the skin, thus preventing oily skin, pimples and acne.
  4. Reduce the amount of facial blemishes and acne you may already have and work to prevent future outbreaks.
  5. Moisturizes the skin that is essential to maintain the elasticity, softness and moisture of your skin, giving it a more youthful appearance.
  6. Prevent ingrown hair that does not mean pimples or dirty looks!
    It refreshes and hydrates the skin, which makes it a better base for cosmetic application.

Apply the toner to your freshly cleaned skin with a cotton ball or pad, avoiding the eye area. You can also spray it on your face before applying any makeup.


I have tested LANCÔME TONIQUE RADIANCE Clarifying Exfoliating Toner and I can not live without it now! It’s clearly the best toner I’ve used so far and I love it. Here is an image of how it looks:



It is very easy to make your own facial tonic that is equally effective at home when using only 2 things:

1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
Half cup water
Mix the two ingredients together and apply it as I mentioned above. You can even use rose water for your face like a toner.


It is recommended to use a non-comodic water-based moisturizer and after using a toner if you have oily and acne-prone skin to avoid any kind of dryness. Neutrogena’s Oilless Moisture is one of my favorites.

I’m sure many of you did not know how important a toner is to your skin. I hope this publication has been helpful. Leave comments for inquiries / suggestions and also share your experience with me. Cheers!


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