Light Skin Survival Guide of the Silly Season.


It is the season of a whirlwind of acne triggers, leaving behind a skin torn by the war. The silly season finds you in situations that are out of your control and you are out of the rut, it can be difficult to stay in the car.

Here are my top 5 tips to keep your skin looking good while enjoying the celebrations.

Festive Tipples

Chopping healthy proteins and fats before going to an event will help you resist the temptation of the “wrong foods” and you will also have something in your stomach before taking a drink. Good proteins and fats will help reduce the effect of alcohol on blood sugar. Avocado, some nuts and seeds or eggs are good choices.

There is nothing wrong with a holiday party here and there, but you must be smart about your choices. I am sorry to be the champagne bubbler chokeer here, but the celebratory icon is the king of high GI alcohols! (with wine following closely) Opt for clear liquors such as vodka or gin and mix with sparkling water and lime to reduce the sugar and contribute to a little hydration. Not much of a drinker anyway? Your skin will thank you. Try crunchy water with frozen berries, fresh lime and fresh mint for a festive light-skinned cocktail.

Another option is to volunteer to be the designated driver, so keep the lid on things (your friends will not complain!)


In a pot or luck situation, think of your skin and bring healthy treats like homemade hummus with vegetable sticks and balls of happiness. If you think no one is going to eat them, great! More for you

If you are cooking a storm of Christmas gifts, adapt the recipes to use gluten-free or grain-free alternatives and lower GI sugar substitutes like stevia, no one else will even palpate an eyelid!

Do not hit the tires too soon! You know how it goes, if you start the day with a native Danish, you’re much more likely to think “weeeeeelll … I already ate something naughty today, I could also eat that pizza for lunch too,” and so on. Eat a light and healthy breakfast like a green smoothie on Christmas morning to get your blood sugar on your right foot and you will also be taking a look at some extra vegetables.

Skin care

ALWAYS clean your skin when you get home after a night, no matter what time it is or what state it is in. And keep your daily skin care routine while you’re out of routine, like brushing your teeth, you will not forget that! Decant all the care of your skin in travel bottles when you jump the city to make sure you do not miss anything.

Catch up with zzz

Sleep is a wonderful skin medication, which helps in the repair processes we need to cure infected or inflamed skin. Catch up on lost sleep by going to bed early the next night or napping during the day. The best thing to regulate your cortisol levels is to try to wake up at the same time every day.

Have a traditional Turkish lunch? Turkey contains the amino acid tryptophan that has a calming effect and can induce Chrissy’s lunch couch dinner to be published, roll with it!

Calm your farm

Last but not least, reduce stress. Organize yourself and avoid situations you know will cause more stress; Do not be that grueling last-minute Christmas shopper who fights against the crowds of other disorganized fanatics, fighting for that latest pack of Christmas cookies!

Vacations can be a hectic time and drag emotions or family stress for some people, so do whatever it takes to limit the effect of stress.

Resistance to craving for excess consumption will help keep the skin clear, but being so strict with yourself can cause excessive stress, so do not completely deprive yourself of everything, it is all about balancing. Stress is a huge factor in acne, so cooling time and stress management are imperative.

The festive season is about celebrating the things for which we are grateful and enjoying that moment with family and friends. Doing things that make us feel happy and relaxed has a positive impact on DHEAS, the antiaging hormone, so relax and have fun, it’s good for your skin!

Happy holidays to all, stay healthy and clear.

Brooke x


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