Red Bumps on the Arms: How to Identify & amp; Treat them.

Did you ever notice red bumps in your arms that seem to appear out of nowhere? If itching or not, these dots are often easy to see and hard to ignore. You just can’t stop looking-or worse, itching. Board-certified dermatologist Erin Gilbert, MD, PhD helps explain the various reasons for these red collisions, bookmarks to […]

Vitamin A for acne.

Vitamin A supplementation of natural sources and the infamous Accutane (a vitamin A derivative of 13-cis-retinol acid that we do not recommend) are two of the most well-known internal/oral acne treatments. If you are wanting to treat your acne without Accutane, you can! Since Accutane is a synthetic form of vitamin A, natural forms of […]

Travel abroad? Holiday Basics for Acne-prone Skin.

  This post looks at holiday essentials that I like to pack in my suitcase when traveling abroad. As someone with chronic digestive problems, celiac disease and PCOS, it is really important to me that I am always well prepared when it comes to eating out. Tonight I’m catching a flight with my mother and […]

Daily Skin Care: From Pre-Flight to Puerto Rico.

I take my skin care ritual before the flight very, very seriously. Here’s how to keep my skin clear and bright, no matter how early the flight or the hot weather. SATURDAY 8:00 pm. I have a 6am flight, which means I should be full, relaxed and ready to go. But (alert spoiler!) I’m not: […]

Zinc for Acne.

  Zinc should be included in any healthy daily regimen, but zinc supplements are particularly good for treating inflamed acne (acne vulgaris, cystic or hormonal acne). While zinc alone is not likely to clear acne, when taken in combination with vitamin A and selenium, we have seen dramatic results with our patients. There is a […]

Allure Magazine recommends our acne control treatment as part of a cocktail of three products to combat the deep, humous and cystic cyst. Acne.

  Struggling with cystic acne? Mix this cocktail of three products, says Allure. “The combination of three over-the-counter products – a sulfur-containing cream, a benzoyl peroxide cream (Arithmetic Acne Control Complex) and a mild cortisone cream – is often very effective when mixed and applied two or three times up on the cyst from seven […]

My essential travels of beauty for acne prone skin.

  In this publication, I am sharing my travel beauty essentials that I have taken with me on my vacation in Sri Lanka. These essentials beauty trips have been selected for their suitability for those with acne prone skin. I have been to Sri Lanka for a whole week and it is literally the most […]

9 Professional Eye Makeup Tips with Hood.

  For those with hooded eyes, try the latest makeup trend, or even master a classic look like a cat’s eye, it can be a bit tricky. Having hooded eyes means you have less real estate with eyelids to work on and another obstacle to working (as if applying liquid eyeliner was not tough enough […]

The Monthly Edit: October Skincare Essentials.

  Welcome to #MarioMonthlyEdit, where you (yes, you) can take a look at our current essentials. If you missed our last delivery, check it out here. The leaves are falling. Halloween shops are being set up from left to right. If you have any questions (we are still experiencing the strange day of warm weather […]