Red Bumps on the Arms: How to Identify & amp; Treat them.

Did you ever notice red bumps in your arms that seem to appear out of nowhere? If itching or not, these dots are often easy to see and hard to ignore. You just can’t stop looking-or worse, itching. Board-certified dermatologist Erin Gilbert, MD, PhD helps explain the various reasons for these red collisions, bookmarks to […]

6 Steps to Remove Acne Free Skin.

Hundreds of medicines, treatments, cleaning products and cosmetics are available to people with acne, but the most important elements of a fight against acne program will not cost you a penny.   Step one. Feed your skin by eating a healthy, balanced diet.   Most health experts agree that a healthy diet will benefit your […]

Is your acne caused entirely by dairy products?

This is a lovely guest post of you Katie’s Energy sleep health! You know that sensation of triumph when you finally find something? Understanding suddenly dawns, and you wonder how it took you so long to put two and two together. That was the case with me and my skin. I suddenly realized that the […]

Vitamin A for acne.

Vitamin A supplementation of natural sources and the infamous Accutane (a vitamin A derivative of 13-cis-retinol acid that we do not recommend) are two of the most well-known internal/oral acne treatments. If you are wanting to treat your acne without Accutane, you can! Since Accutane is a synthetic form of vitamin A, natural forms of […]

What are you eating.

  Eating mostly unprocessed food is the absolute ideal, but when modern life gets in the way and we have to grab something convenient, it is very important to be reading labels and knowing what to look for. Let’s start with the ingredients. The ingredients are listed in descending order of the amount found in […]

Prevent eye wrinkles with new spin trap eye serum.

  Acne is not just for teenagers … Adult acne is a real problem that affects men and women in their 30s and 40s. While managing acne is the main concern of our clients, many ask about wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging. In our efforts to treat acne prone skin, we strive […]

Healthy lifestyle tips for late summer.

  When the end of summer comes, it’s hard to imagine what your winter coat swollen and warm fuzzy socks will feel like you’re still trying to pull the sand out of your hair! This is what you need to take advantage of before sun-drenched days slip in the cold autumn months.   Apply sunscreen […]

A Bumpy Ride Towards Aging.

  The snow-white skin that you have prided yourself from your teenage years has suddenly turned into a face ashamed of an evil witch when you were 30! “Acne, at my age?” This is often the distressed statement of men and women pockmarked in their 30’s through 40’s afflicted with adult acne. This problem is […]

Chanel hair was created using a vacuum cleaner.

  I have seen a lot of strange things used in backstage at the fashion show – including straws and floss – but in the spring of 2017 Chanel show today in Paris, hairstylist Sam McKnight used a vacuum cleaner to create his perspex peak tails. Yes, that’s right, a vacuum cleaner. The entire Chanel […]

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes and Why It Should.

  Are you a beauty junkie? If so, you probably have different brushes for all kinds of concealment, blending and shading. Now think about this … how often do you clean your makeup brushes thoroughly? It may seem like a pain, but washing your makeup brushes is essential because dirt, oil and bacteria can get […]