Travel abroad? Holiday Basics for Acne-prone Skin.

  This post looks at holiday essentials that I like to pack in my suitcase when traveling abroad. As someone with chronic digestive problems, celiac disease and PCOS, it is really important to me that I am always well prepared when it comes to eating out. Tonight I’m catching a flight with my mother and […]

Acne Loves Stress.

We need stress. It allows a flight or flight response in an emergency, is motivating and stimulating, but the stress levels we are seeing in modern life are excessively high and are a massive factor in the adult acne epidemic that is happening. Acne loves stress. It is an evolutionary necessity, but modern life is […]

The Effects of Exercise on Your Skin.

    Exercise is important for a healthy mind and body, but it is important for your skin? Well yes, but you need to make sure you are taking proper care of your skin at the same time. Here are some things to consider before you work and how to manage them: Sweat can clog […]

Skin care and beauty products expire?

  The products mentioned in this article are sold by The Proactiv Company LLC, an affiliate of the company that owns Skin care and beauty products expire? When to Clean Your Messy Medicine Cabinet The products mentioned in this article are sold by The Proactiv Company LLC, an affiliate of the company that owns […]

A Look At Laser Acne Treatment.

  Laser acne treatment has been around for a number of years and is rapidly replacing more traditional forms of acne elimination and prevention. As antibiotics become increasingly ineffective due to overuse, more and more people are opting for this new technique. During laser rejuvenation, a doctor holds a laser pen just above the acne […]

National Awareness Month on Skin Care.

  September is National Skin Care Awareness Month, that means any skin care regimen you’ve been thinking about should start now! After summer, your skin probably needs a break from the strong UV rays. Although it is important to get vitamin D from the sun, it is not uncommon to accumulate some sun damage during […]

Daily Skin Care: From Pre-Flight to Puerto Rico.

I take my skin care ritual before the flight very, very seriously. Here’s how to keep my skin clear and bright, no matter how early the flight or the hot weather. SATURDAY 8:00 pm. I have a 6am flight, which means I should be full, relaxed and ready to go. But (alert spoiler!) I’m not: […]

Detoxify your pantry (and where to store it again.

Making changes in your diet is one of the most important steps to take in resolving acne naturally, but it can be overwhelming. The implementation of a new repertoire and the exchange of alternatives require time and commitment. The key is to first eliminate the temptation and “detoxification” of your pantry. Doing a review of […]