Acne is a holistic problem, so treat acne holistically.


Acne is a holistic problem, so treat acne holistically.

Do this not just focusing on skin care or diet to fix your skin.

Even for you Love Vitamins who have been following my blog for a while could make a reminder about this.

This is the first thing that people do not understand about acne (or logically understand it, but emotionally does not comply).

This limits your potential for permanently clear skin.

People think that acne is completely related to what happens to your skin on the outside. Or that’s all about what you eat.

Most people, especially before learning about holistic acne treatment, think that it’s all about the dirt and bacteria that are on the skin.

That’s why people assault their faces all the time with these face washes, creams and shattered dreams that the next product will be the right product (I know! I’ve been totally there!).

Except it never really works. If he did, he probably would not be here reading this because his acne would have gone away.

For others, they jump first to change their diet, feeling as if they could have the “perfect” diet and never ever slip, only then have a clear skin.

And they go crazy in the process.

What you do to your skin on the outside, and what you eat, both are in fact very important.

And your options in this area can worsen greatly or improve your acne situation.

But that’s not the whole story

Sometimes, creams and washes remove acne, but not for long, because they are not getting to the root of the problem.

What they are doing is temporarily plugging it until it crosses the barrier and returns.

Or they just cause really nasty side effects, and you’re totally fed up with it.

The root of why you are getting acne in the first place usually comes from inside the body, so if you want a clear and permanent skin, you should start working on the acne problem from the inside out.

“Great! I’ll just eat the” perfect “diet and then I’ll” think. “” I do not care what it takes. ”

Later I see you crying for a sandwich because you can not be perfect, and now you will never cleanse your acne.

No friend. It’s not just about your skin care. And it’s not just about your diet.

Your body is integral and are all small efforts and actions in every area of ​​your health that add to success.

There is the “perfection” in a couple of areas that bring you a clear skin. It is the balance in all areas.

What does even holistic mean?

Holistic means complete and interconnected.

Your body is holistic. All their organs (including their skin) are alive and connected to each other, and one’s health is affected by the health of the rest of them.

Therefore, your skin can not be repaired as a broken part of a machine that is disconnected from the rest or your body.

What happens in the body determines the health of the skin.

That’s why you can not only focus on skin care. Good, smooth and natural skin care is very important. But in most cases, it will not get to the root of the problem

Many people get it, but then focus only on the care and diet of the skin (with about one million supplements on the side).

But just like the way your skin is holistically connected to the rest of your body, your diet is integrally connected to all other areas of health.

If you want your healthy diet to work in your favor, you must find a way to improve your stress levels.

You need to look at your life and pay attention to those areas that are making you sick: relationships, finances, career, creativity, personal care, spirituality.

You need to move a little and exercise.

You need to sleep better.

You may need to support your digestive system, liver or give your hormones a gentle helping hand.

I promise it’s not just a diet

But many people focus solely on diet. Of course you could give a wink to these other things. But emotionally they feel that clear skin completely transports what they eat.

People often clean their skin only with a perfect diet.

Except you are so stressed out and afraid that all that stress burns through all the nutrients you just ate. As a result, you just keep clear while you’re eating the perfect diet.

You spoil it, then you leave; then you get angry and try to be even more perfect, and worst of all is the feeling of being trapped by all this.

I think it is far better not to be so perfect about it and to emphasize much less about it. Eat well most of the time and really enjoy and enjoy the times you splurge.

I know from experience. I have relaxed by leaps and bounds with my food since I started this acne trip.

I am much happier and my skin is absolutely as clear, if not clearer than at that time.

Acne is a holistic problem. It does not just work on one thing. Find the balance, clean your skin.

Are you really treating your acne holistically? Or do you admit that you’re a little more focused on an area?

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