A look at microdermabrasion machines.


Microdermabrasion systems are safe for most skin types. Microdermabrasion systems actually evolved from a process known as dermabrasion. Although effective, especially for serious dermis scars, dermabrasion is hard, requiring a re-surface metal tool, anesthesia and long recovery times.

However, microdermabrasion systems gently smooth out the signs of aging, sun damage and scars with micro-crystal creams. The beauty of micro-crystal creams is how powerful they polish the skin, but it remains soft and forgiving.

A special cleaning device circulates a cream, infused with small exfoliating crystals (aluminum oxide), directly on the skin. These micro-crystals deeply clean the outermost layer of skin from dead skin cells and other debris, while the re-surface rod massage the top of the surface tissue, cleans pores and jumps into circulation. In turn, creating a fresh surface of the skin that decreases the appearance of wrinkles, lines, blemishes, spots, uneven surfaces of the skin and scars caused by acne, childbirth, weight gain, aging, sun or genetics.

The process is not painful, but rather as a deep cleansing tissue massage. The re-surface tool has several resistance levels and is easy to control. Most licensed estheticians and cosmetologists, RNs, or doctors perform professional microdermabrasion services using a closed vacuum vacuum system, to include a trash catch vessel. Professional operators of microdermabrasion systems must be trained. Home systems are also available, and usually provide training manuals.

The microdermabrasion equipment is adjustable and easily adapts to your specific beauty needs. Most systems include the following basic components: manual repainting tool that applies exfoliating solutions, specially formulated creams infused with micro exfoliating crystals (aluminum oxide) to polish all surfaces of the skin.

Most major cosmetic manufacturers sell microdermabrasion equipment, many are conveniently available online. Simply perform a search for “microdermabrasion systems”. Professional microdermabrasion equipment is also available on the web, aimed at salons, cosmetic surgeons and entrepreneurs. The professional equipment is similar to many home systems in which both use a polishing wand that applies micro-crystals. The main differences between the two is that the professional microdermabrasion equipment offers a re-surface device that simultaneously sucks or sweeps clear debris and increases tissue stimulation while having more power and durability due to repeated use and varied clientele.

The Microdermabrasion team ranges from cheap DIY lotion packs to medical and salon machines that cost several thousand dollars. This technology gives you the opportunity to experience a serious improvement of the skin from the home, in the salon or in the office of your dermatologist without the inconveniences and risks
involved with surgery, lasers and chemicals.

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