9 Professional Eye Makeup Tips with Hood.


For those with hooded eyes, try the latest makeup trend, or even master a classic look like a cat’s eye, it can be a bit tricky. Having hooded eyes means you have less real estate with eyelids to work on and another obstacle to working (as if applying liquid eyeliner was not tough enough as it is!). But just because your eyelids are not in the center and center does not mean that you still can not get the look you want.

If celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Chrissy Teigen can look into their faces with hooded eyes and look hot, there must be some ace tricks that we are missing out on. We talked to makeup and hair stylist Zena Cummings to get some hoodie eye makeup tips that can revise your appearance or just bring your daily routine to life.

1. Align your top cover only with a fine dot eyeliner pencil.

“The coating should be applied very thin and not have too long a wing,” says Cummings. In addition to a handy practice and hand, it recommends a water resistant marker style product, which provides you with a defined line and more control. Cummings adds a warning that will make sure we keep our lines tight: “Laying a hooded eye too thick will invade the eye shadow and give the eyes the appearance of looking smaller.” Small eyes are the number one symptom of a poorly dressed hood, so be sure to hug the lash line up close.

2. Mix colors from light to dark at an upward angle.

“The best products are shadows that are easy to mix and vary in their shadows of darkness,” says Cummings. The eye palettes give you the colors you need without any guess work in the combination of complementary tones. Follow the best way to apply: “Use a brighter color for the inner eye and the base of the lid, and a darker color on the upper outer corner, being careful to mix and exit, avoiding the external V. eye”.

3. Prime the eyes to minimize transfer.

As if you needed another reason to keep your eyeliner thin, the part of the hooded eye could overlap with your eyeliner and cause a transfer, resulting in a duplicate black line in your forehead bone. Cummings recommends using a primer specifically for eyes, such as Blinc Eye Shadow Primer, and finishing with a setting powder or spray.

4. Keep the hood on.

To compensate for their hidden fold, Cummings says, women “tend to bring dark shadows too high in the hood, giving the eyes the appearance of sinking.” Sinking is a word that should never be associated with a part of your face, be careful!

5. Pay attention to your eyebrows.

The shape of the hooded eye cap puts your eyebrows in the spotlight, so it is important to design them as much as you would with the cap, we dare say, maybe even more. Cummings encourages us to “create a bow with light strokes and use a light color underneath to emphasize the bone of the eyebrow.” Thanks to the current folly of the eyebrows, there is a great variety of products from the palettes to the contour pencils, which even make the eyebrows scarce in works of art.

6. Contour your cheeks to lengthen your eyes.

“Using a highlighter on the cheekbone that matches the inner corner of the eye will attract more attention to the eye,” says Cummings, so take a multi-purpose highlighter for easy addition to your daily makeup routine. She reminds us that we should not forget that “contouring with a darker color to balance the cheekbone is important to increase the appearance of eye length.” Another benefit of outlining to add to your list!

7. Wear white eyeliner to make the eyes look bigger.

Take a white eyeliner and “adjust the bottom line with white to increase the brightness of the eyes”. If you feel that the hooded part of your eyes makes them look small, this tip increases in size by doing tricks in the eyes of other people.

8. Add a shade to your under the eyes.

Recover the lost cap using the area under your lower lashes. This advice is probably the least known, but the one that changes most of life. Cummings says, “Beneath the eye, it is best to apply a thin mark of the dark shadow to a third of the way and then align the rest with the bright luminous color.” The eyes appear more open and create a statement looks with little technical necessity.

9. Do not be afraid of new styles!

When beauty features are difficult, we tend to stick to our proven routines. However, “depending on the size of the eye, you can achieve more dramatic looks like the halo and cut crease,” says Cummings. The halo trend is a favorite of social networks, which focuses on a prominent strong point in the center of the cover. Slightly more difficult, the cut fold uses a dark shadow precisely to contour the shape of an eye greatly. Makeup should also be fun, so try these trends to see if they work for you.

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