6 miracle cures for acne that do not work (for me!)


Today we are looking at some miracle acne treatments and why some of the most famous miracle cures for acne failed me completely. In addition, I am sharing some ideas and tips for a clearer and healthier skin.

On the one hand, I fully understand how easy it can be to spend hours and hours researching acne treatments online (I’ve been there), and finally deciding to spend a small fortune (I’ve been here hundreds of times) with a supplement or product that has bloggers and forum contributors shouting from the rooftops about how this treatment cleared their skin in a matter of weeks. I also know 100% how devastating it is that these treatments completely fail you and, in some cases, make your acne worse! I’ve been there … SO MANY TIMES. More times than I can count! It started right when I was a teenager and was desperately looking for that miracle acne treatment that would definitely banish my acne. My doctor would prescribe a new antibiotic or topical cream and I would have so much hope that THIS time, this will be the acne treatment for me. 6 weeks later I have to come to terms with the fact that this so-called miracle acne treatment in particular was simply another for the container … Leaving me totally devastated and my self-esteem on a whole new level.

Fast Forward 12 years later, having had zero results from conventional medicine, I turned my attention to safer and natural treatments to banish my acne. Over the next 3 years, I spent every moment of my free time looking for that miracle acne treatment that was going to be the key to healing my skin and rebuilding my crushed self-esteem. It is safe to say that I tried almost everything I could with my hands. I tried diets and supplements in combination, on their own, at different times of the day, different brands … but I always tried everything for a minimum of 3 months, since it is usually the time when your skin needs to start making a difference. So many people try a supplement for a month and when they have not seen miraculous results, they throw it to the “failed” pile. Should, should, MUST give 3 months before deciding if an acne treatment is a yes or no for you.

With so many different ‘miracle’ acne treatments recommended and available on the web, I thought I could compile just a few of those that did not work for me and also see why they did not work for me, when they worked for so many others!

5 miracle cures for acne that don't work // Learn why these 5 miracle acne cures failed me and the alternatives for clearer, healthier skin.

I will start from the beginning and look at the conventional medicines that did not work for me and, later, natural miracle acne cures that did not work for me either.

There are a number of different antibiotics that are prescribed for acne, including Doxycycline, Erythromycin and Clindamycin. While these antibiotics may provide some temporary relief to acne, when treatment stops, acne often returns much worse.

Even though I was taking long-term antibiotics for more than 3 months, I never saw an improvement in my skin and when I left, my acne got worse, so I tried a different antibiotic and that did not work either and ended up being this vicious circle! Eventually, after numerous failed attempts to control my acne with antibiotics, my doctor put me on the birth control pill, which helped me a bit, but never cleared my skin completely. Then, when I left the pill 8 years later, my skin exploded!

Why did not the antibiotics work for me?

The problem with antibiotics is that they are just a sticky plaster. Like most conventional medications, they do not treat the root cause of your acne. Whether it is an underlying digestive, glycemic or hormonal problem, antibiotics are not the answer. If your acne is caused by a bowel problem, antibiotics will actually make your problem much worse and that is what I think the key problem for me was. My early teenage years were dedicated to fighting health issues like Glandular Fever, Acid Reflux, Food Allergies and Chronic Constipation … all the big signs of an unfortunate bowel and the constant antibiotics were slowly killing my internal ecosystem and turning my immune system and digestive problems worse!

Worryingly, over the past 30 years there has been an alarming increase in resistance to antibiotics commonly used to treat acne and P.acnes bacteria. What is even more frightening is that antibiotic resistance has been shown in patients with acne in as little as 8 weeks. I took this small snippet from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to summarize why we should care about antibiotic resistance.

“Resistance to antibiotics can cause conditions that were once easily treatable with antibiotics to become dangerous infections, prolonging suffering. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria are often more difficult to kill and more costly to treat.”

Instead of taking antibiotics, you may find that a probiotic supplement does more to help with acne. Intestinal health is increasingly related to skin health and taking probiotics will support healthy bacteria living in the gut, restoring balance and helping the body to effectively flush out toxins.

Oh, the birth control pill … where do I start?

Birth control pills are often prescribed as a miracle cure for acne, but they can actually be really problematic because they contain very high amounts of synthetic hormones that can send our body and skin totally out of control, especially if we are already suffering of skin / hormonal problems. A woman’s natural cycle consists of upward and downward levels of estrogen and progesterone; however, when she takes the contraceptive pill she is given and a consistent high level of synthetic estrogen to deceive her body and think she is pregnant, she can not occur another pregnancy. All this excess estrogen is highly toxic and a key reason behind acne: it causes a hormonal imbalance known as estrogen / low progesterone dominance that triggers other hormonal imbalances that cause acne. The pill also depletes vitamins and minerals, causes insulin resistance, which can produce symptoms similar to those of PCOS and also has a really harmful effect on the intestinal flora. However, the worst was yet to come when I left the pill after 8 years. Years of being on the pill meant I was in serious trouble with all these previous symptoms and my skin burst like never before. Leaving the pill meant that the sticky plaster was off, and all my symptoms returned ten times worse.

You can read more about why the birth control pill is NEVER the answer to acne or hormonal balance here.

Why the pill does not work for me?

A life of chronic constipation associated with love of junk food was not compatible with the miracle cure for acne that is “The Pill.” Like antibiotics, Accutane and conventional skin care systems, you are not addressing the root cause of your acne when you are prescribed the contraceptive pill, so your acne will probably come back when you leave it, and unfortunately for many, it comes back a hundred times worse!

For tips on how to avoid acne after quitting the pill, visit this blog post here.

It is often described as a last resort and the king of miracle cures for acne … Although Accutane * is one of the few acne treatments that I have ever tried (I have been very close on several occasions), I wanted to include it in This publication, as more and more clients come closer, I have tried Accutane in the past with miraculous results initially, but discovering that your acne is reappearing after months, or even years of being clear.

* Accutane is a pharmaceutical drug that requires periodic patient reviews and health checks due to its toxicity within the body. It is known to cause birth defects, liver problems, depression / anxiety and even suicide, so it is not a drug that can be taken without proper medical supervision and medical prescription.

Why accutane does not work for me?

From what I have learned about my body in recent years and the main causes behind my acne, I know that Accutane would never have been a long term solution for me. Accutane would never have cured my bowels or corrected my blood sugar imbalances, so my acne would probably have returned sometime. In addition, all the other health symptoms I was experiencing (premenstrual syndrome, heavy / painful periods, fatigue, headaches, anxiety, etc.) would not have been addressed at all, so although I may have temporarily cleared my acne , I would still be suffering from all the other health symptoms that made me feel miserable on a daily / monthly basis.

While the high-dose pharmaceutical vitamin A drug, Accutane, may have improved and cleared my acne in 3-6 months, I also took vitamin A cod liver oil in high doses along with a curative diet with zero unwanted symptoms ! In addition, my healing diet and nutrient-rich cod liver oil cured each and every one of my health and hormone concerns in 5 months! My periods now come and go without any pain and mood swings, premenstrual acne and headaches are a thing of the past.

While testing all the acne antibiotics available in the UK, I was also experimenting with different ranges of skin care, generally a 3 step acne regimen. The brands I experimented with included ProActive, Dermalogica and Clinique and none of them provided any relief from my constant outbreaks. After I started working as a promo girl for a brand of organic skin care, I quickly learned all the horrible ingredients in conventional skin care and the reason why my skin never improved on these systems that were claimed to be cures miracle of acne. They sell it hard, and sell it well, if you’ve ever seen an ad for these brands * ejem * ProActive * ejem * you’ll know exactly what I mean. Even now, knowing what I know about skin care and acne, I am still being absorbed by these ads and I think they could be the miracle cures I’m looking for, even though in my head and in my heart I know the damage they REALLY committed do it with the skin

At age 18 I started switching to a natural skin care and tried everything from treatments with tea tree and thyme spots to clove, honey and cinnamon masks. While I saw a reduction in redness and irritation after switching to a natural skin care, even this did not stop the formation of blemishes, since my acne came from within and no skin care product was going to solve that.

Why did not skin care work for me?

Like antibiotics, skin care almost never fixes the root of acne. For some casual, where your acne is caused by comedogenic ingredients in your skin care, switching to a natural, safe and pore-free regimen may be all that is needed to clear your acne. However, for most of us, we must take other steps and focus on our internal health to achieve a permanently clear skin.

Both natural and conventional natural products can cause problems for people with acne, but conventional products are much worse, often contain ingredients that clog pores, such as SLS and mineral oils, irritating ingredients like preservatives and fragrances and, worst of all chemicals that break down hormones. have a devastating effect on our bodies. While many natural products are safe and do not contain the strong ingredients listed above, they can be problematic for people with acne. Coconut, argan, palm, soy, olive and wheat germ are very common ingredients in the natural care of the skin, but can cause skin reactions and / or can be highly obstructed by pores. Essential oils can also be a problem for those with a hypersensitive and damaged skin with acne above cleansing or excessive use of acids and conventional skin care systems.

For some of my favorite skin care products for favorite acne, visit this page here.

EstroBlock or DIM supplements is probably the most acclaimed miracle cure for acne in the world of natural health. EstroBlock is the brand name of an active ingredient of that supplement that is a compound called DIM. DIM, or Diindolylmethane, is found predominantly in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and works as an excellent anti-androgen and excess estrogen detoxifier, two key steps in the fight against hormonal acne. Do you remember what I said earlier about the pill that causes a hormonal imbalance in which you have too much estrogen? Well, it’s DIM supplements that help your body get rid of the unwanted estrogens caused by the pill. However, it is not only the pill that causes the estrogen domain, it can also develop this hormonal imbalance due to a liver that works poorly and simply because of your current lifestyle. Synthetic estrogens, also known as xenoestrogens, are found in cosmetics, plastic bottles, pesticides, canned foods, other hormonal contraceptive methods and much more, the toxic build-up of excess estrogen over time is becoming increasingly common in the present life

Why did not the strobe work for me?

I had a lot of faith in this product after reading so many “miracle cure” drums and I was devastated that after taking it for over a year I never saw amazing results. I knew from a fact that high androgens and excess estrogen were a problem for me, so why did not it work? Although I can not say for sure, I have a couple of suspicions about why Estroblock really did not work for me when I first tried it.

First, looking back, I do not think my diet has been sustainable enough for any “miracle cure” to work with its magic! I followed the protocol Slim along with taking Estroblock, which was high in carbohydrates and with a minimum of fat and although that way of eating can work for some people, like a girl with symptoms of PCOS and a bad bowel due to celiac disease, this Lifestyle was not giving me nutrients I needed to heal. A supplement can not beat the wrong diet, so if you are not eating well for your body, NO ANY QUANTITY of supplements will cure your acne.

Second, I have the feeling that, because of my severe insulin resistance and high levels of androgens and androgen sensitivity, the dose of EstroBlock I was taking was not enough to achieve the desired results. I read on the EstroBlock website that some people need to take up to 4 capsules if Triple Strength a day! I only took 1 or 2 per day (1-2 month supply), so this dose would have been very costly. Raising my dose to 4 times a day would only last 2 weeks and cost more than 60 pounds a month! * On the plus side, if you are going to see results with this miracle cure, you will in 3 months (if you are in the correct dosage) so that £ 60 per month for 3 months may be warranted since you do not have to take it to long term. Once you achieve clear skin, you can usually fall to 1 capsule per day and maintain excellent skin, it can even come off completely. If you are currently taking EstroBlock and you have seen some improvement but not a miracle cure, try to increase your dose by 1 capsule per day (divided into two doses) and see if that helps.


Once I started eating an optimal diet and hormonal healing and saw tremendous improvements in diet alone, I tried to take EstroBlock again after about 4 months of my healing. This time with a higher dose and got better results.

Vitex and EstroBlock / DIM are often used in the fight against acne and period problems. Vitex works by preventing your pituitary gland from producing too much prolactin. High prolactin can cause reduced levels of FSH, which then produce ovulation problems. There is no ovulation = no progesterone production, and low progesterone and high estrogen can cause all kinds of hormonal problems, such as acne and missed periods (amenorrhea).

While Agnus Castus is a powerful herb that has some impressive hormonal balance qualities, it is not a night cure and is definitely not a good supplement for everyone. You should take Agnus Castus consistently for 3-4 months before you begin to notice improvements, and people often find that their skin gets worse before it improves.

Why does not vitex work for me?

On paper, Vitex (or Agus Castus in the UK) seems to be the perfect solution for me. It is ideal for premenstrual syndrome, sinus pain, irregular periods and, of course, acne, all the symptoms with which you had been struggling for a long time. After the initial phase ‘gets worse before it gets better’, I thought my skin was improving a bit, but after continuing to take Vitex for over a year, my skin did not clear up. Why? After reading Lara Briden’s book, The Period Repair Manual, I learned that Vitex can worsen some hormonal imbalances, especially if you have PCOS. According to Lara Briden, this is because Vitex helps elevate luteinizing hormone (LH), a hormone that is already elevated in many cases of PCOS, such as post-pill PCOS and PCOS with insulin resistance (the most common types of PCOS). You can find information on the different types of PCOS in Lara’s blog post here. It is very important to remember that Vitex is a really potent herb and should only be taken if you are 100% sure of the specific hormonal imbalances you have.

Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, Clean Juice, Water Fast, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, No Fruit … I’ve tried it all! And none of them cleaned my acne, and in some cases it really made my skin worse!

The problem with all these diets is that they really do not address one of the key problems behind adult acne, and are blood sugar imbalances and our own unique level of carb tolerance. Not properly anyway. Yes, everyone can help improve blood sugar imbalances, but for some people, cutting junk food is not enough! There are tons of people who have seen miraculous results simply by changing their diet. Some are extremely lucky and only have to cut processed foods and eat more vegetables to see the miraculous results on the skin, others may find that they also need to cut sugar, others may need to cut gluten, grains or sweet fruits too, All depends on your unique level of carb tolerance. Only when you developed an understanding of this, can you begin to see a great result with your skin.

On a completely different note, I am seeing more and more new clients suffering from disorderly eating habits, full of fear and anxiety that foods x, y and z will cause a major breakup the next day. I have been there, struggling with ortorexia and constantly restricting my diet more and more every two weeks when I was not seeing results. At that moment I thought I was super healthy, but now I know that’s not true. It took me two years of experimentation and get a diploma in Nutrition Therapy so that I can understand the importance of getting the right nutrients at the right time for our health, our mind and our skin.

Why did not a healthy diet work for me?

During the first two years of my acne healing journey, I was eating what I thought was eating the healthiest diet I could eat. Zero processed foods, added sugar or alcohol, many ‘healthy’ whole grain carbs, many fruits and vegetables, some protein and some healthy avocado fats and a little coconut oil. As someone with bad digestion, hormonal imbalances, acne and other symptoms of PCOS this turned out NOT to be the right way to eat for me. In order for the body to heal quickly and effectively, we often need LOTS of healthy fats to help our bodies produce the right amount of hormones, enough protein to build blocks that help heal the body, and smooth carbohydrates in the form of vegetables with starch for energy. Once I slightly increased my protein intake, I greatly increased my healthy fat intake and eliminated all the sweet grains and fruits from my diet and concentrated on vegetables and starchy vegetables such as potatoes, yam, squash and pumpkin. I started seeing the right results for the first time in 2 years. It took me a while to learn the key to a low carbohydrate diet and I made many mistakes along the way, but as soon as I started releasing it, the healthier I ate the less fat I craved junk food, my perch disappeared, I no longer depended on eating snacks all day and my fear of food was drastically reduced. Once I began to believe in the healing powers of a higher fat diet, I completely accepted this form of eating, fell in love with the delicious, simple foods and ENJOY and released so many distorted and unhealthy eating habits I had taken in comparison with the food. two years of restrictive “diets”. Although there were no “miracle cures” or quick fixes here and my skin still took about 5 months to heal, I saw great improvements and I knew it was working for me within the first 6-8 weeks.

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Have you been disappointed by any miracle cure for acne? Let me know your stories in the comments below!

Peace, love and fair skin,


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